InprOTech collaborates in the INNOTWIN Project, through the introduction of technologies that increase the security of Digital Twins.

The overall objective of INNOTWIN is to develop secure data spaces through the research of advanced technologies, in order to develop a new concept of Digital Twin for the Spanish industry seeking to increase the efficiency of resources throughout the value chain.

This project is co-financed by the Spanish Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI) and European funds from the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism, and is also supported by the Ministry of Science and Innovation.

Project members


Specialized in the use of BIM technology in industrial projects, helping companies in their industrial digitalization phase to be at the forefront of new technologies.


Energy and digital consultancy that provides comprehensive solutions to increase energy efficiency, take advantage of renewable resources and reduce the impact on the environment.


Consulting firm specialized in Artificial Intelligence and advanced data analytics. Its main objective is to guide and support organizations in their digital transformation.


Company dedicated to cybersecurity in industrial environments. It provides its own technology for the detection of threats in the factory network.

In addition, INNOTWIN counts with the participation and collaboration of Research Organizations, Technological Centers and Universities, which guarantee the scope of the project: Instituto Tecnológico de la Informática (ITI), Centro Tecnológico de Telecomunicaciones de Galicia (GRADIANT) and Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena (UPCT).

The role of InprOTech in the INNOTWIN Project

From Inprotech we will be in charge of introducing the necessary technologies to increase security in communications along the production chain through the implementation of a collaborative data space equipped with cybersecurity, interoperability, based on federated learning and machine learning techniques.

The overall objective of this activity is to generate predictive models that allow to customize production with security guarantees, which implies the management and analysis of high volumes of data in an efficient way, simulations of the systems in an accurate and versatile way, as well as the development of specific protection, including both the production plants and the data security itself in the context of the Data Space and its integration in the DG.

To this end, UEBA (User and Entity Behaviour Analytics) techniques will be used for detection and Process Mining techniques and intrusion detection systems (IDS) for the characterization of cyber-attacks.

Long-term objective of the project

This project seeks to develop a new concept of Digital Twin that will allow Spanish industry to use this product as a multidisciplinary work interface, optimizing all industrial processes, from the start of manufacturing to waste recovery, in a centralized and interconnected way. In this way, it seeks to promote the digitalization of industry and thus improve its efficiency and competitiveness by offering the possibility of designing and simulating different environments and situations, to compare and analyze the implications of each one of them, improving decision-making.

In addition, INNOTWIN will promote sustainability and security in all processes of the value chain, finding the best strategies that can be applied to industrial plants to reduce energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions derived from their operation, and applying security techniques to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information, as well as the continuity of industrial production.