InprOTech Human Capital: Óscar Iglesias


Today at InprOTech Human Capital we introduce you to Oscar Iglesias, Product Owner & Solutions Architect at InprOTech.

How did you start and what is your relationship with Inprosec?

It started in February 2022, although I had previously done some brief internships from the Master’s in Computer Security I pursued, having coincided there with José González, one of the partners. Now, I am mainly responsible for the R&D area of InprOTech. I perform several roles in that regard, product manager and product owner of the InprOTech Guardian solution for anomaly detection in industrial environments, solution architect, and hierarchical responsible for the software development team. I also assist other areas in commercial, marketing, etc., matters related to our solution. And finally, I collaborate as a GRC consultant in training and awareness tasks, or TISAX audits for external clients, for instance.

What would you highlight about Inprosec as a company?

The opportunity it has given me to continue progressing professionally touching some aspects I had not developed in depth, the freedom of action, the possibility of reconciliation, teleworking (I am about 600 km from my colleagues), and the closeness and honesty of the staff (consultants, PMs, managers, HR…). For me, it has been a radical change. I come from working many years in multinationals, and I wanted to try being the head of a mouse rather than the tail of a lion. The fact that everything is smaller helps with efficacy, efficiency, and having more focus on productive tasks, as well as making decision-making or alignment of interests infinitely faster. And having only the essential meetings!

How do you manage to balance personal and professional life?

Very easily. The HR policy in this regard is quite flexible, something that, fortunately, is ceasing to be an exception in the sector after the pandemic. In this sense, I know that Inprosec has been quite pioneering since these conditions already existed beforehand, which shows that Management understands that empathizing with the employee and their reconciliation needs is a win-win.

Tell us an anecdote that has happened to you with Inprosec.

I would say that what has surprised me the most positively, is the degree of internal transparency. From the first minute both with Iago and Ibán, the dialogue was very fluid, transparent, honest, without obscurities or twists. Sharing with me even the business plan, without hiding the slightest data. That is a very important demonstration of certain values, which fit very well with me.

As a collaborator of a cybersecurity specialized company, what is your advice for any entrepreneur who is starting with respect to their systems?

Expect the best, but prepare for the worst.

What are your hobbies after a working day?

There’s a before and after parenthood. I mainly did triathlon, hiking, and a lot of reading. Now that I have a very young daughter and another on the way, my focus outside “the office” is the family, and the remaining time I try to keep fit with some strength, swimming, roller or mountain bike, read something light to decompress or even work slowly on some security certification, besides attending to my personal project (an online academy of training in cybersecurity GRC).

Who do you “nominate” for us to interview next and why?

Jaime Souto. Because he is on my team, and it’s always healthy to better know the people you have nearby.

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