SANTI, a project for the implementation of an industrial cybersecurity system developed by CEAGA


SANTI (Security Analysis of Network Threats for Industry), is an industrial cybersecurity system developed by InprOTech with the support of CEAGA and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism through the line of aid to Innovative Business Groups (AEIs). This software is capable of supervising the cybersecurity of the industrial network and monitoring in real time all threats that may affect the operation of the factory, with the aim of preventing production from stopping.

With the advance of Industry 4.0 and digitalization, there are more and more cyber threats to which companies in the Sector are exposed, so CEAGA has launched this project to implement and validate an industrial cybersecurity system (Network Threat Security Analysis).

From InprOTech we have developed a cyber-surveillance and monitoring service for industrial networks, named Guardian, capable of discovering devices in the industrial network and their properties, detecting security threats based on different techniques such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, periodically generating reports with security indicators, risk level scoring, reviewing communications, and managing security alerts and notifications among many other features, with the aim of identifying possible attacks and protecting the industrial environment from threats such as interruptions in manufacturing, loss of sensitive information or other attacks by cybercriminals. If you want to know more about how SANTI works here you can watch an explanatory video with the InprOTech Guardian Demo.

The project was managed through CEAGA to support companies in the preparation and presentation of projects to regional, national and European calls for proposals. Thanks to this initiative, InprOTech Guardian has been implemented in the companies INPLASOR GALICIA SL and Goycar Galicia, S.L. in order to collect all kinds of useful information about the operation of SANTI and the real cyber threats to which the factories are exposed. Next, we will introduce the parties involved in the project:

  • CEAGA: It is a cluster organization that represents the entire value chain of the Galician Automotive Sector, from the companies involved in the manufacturing of vehicles and components in large series, to the auxiliary industry companies.

CEAGA’s vision is to place the Galician Automotive Sector in a position of competitive and sustainable leadership at a global level by 2025, contributing to progress and quality of life in our environment. With this objective, it promotes high-impact cooperative projects to improve the competitiveness of companies in the Galician automotive industry.

  • Goycar: It has been part of CEAGA since 2016 and is a company with more than 20 years of experience in is a company specialized in boilermaking services, industrial maintenance and new product development. It supplies most of the companies in the automotive auxiliary industry. It currently has facilities of 3,000 m2 and a staff of 80 people, divided between the areas of management and administration, quality, engineering, production, logistics and assembly.
  • Inplasor: Dedicated since 1997 to the manufacture of plastic parts, assembly of plastic components and development of molds. It has ISO/TS 16949, ISO 90001:2008 and ISO/14001 quality certifications, as well as quality agreements with several automotive customers, which enables it to serve end customers directly. Thanks to its 16 injection molding machines, it is capable of manufacturing more than 100,000 parts per day for various sectors, especially the automotive industry.


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