10th Anniversary Industrial Cybersecurity Roundtable


In today’s post we share one of the sessions we held in celebration of our 10th Anniversary, the Industrial Cybersecurity Table with Galician Experts. The table was presented and led by our Managing Director Ibán Morillo.

For this session we had the pleasure of having the following experts:

  • Adriel Regueira: He is the Head of IT & Cybersecurity at TECDESOFT AUTOMATION, where he manages the Systems and Cybersecurity department, he has dedicated his entire career to the application of technology and communications to the factory environment. He is a regular collaborator in projects with InprOTech.
  • Carlos Blanco: He has more than 25 years of professional experience in the field of ICT, both in the public and private sector. He is also founder and member of the Board of ISMS Forum in its Galician chapter. He is also an expert member of the Colexio Profesional de Enxeñería en Informática de Galicia and a regular participant in talks and presentations related to the security sector.
  • Rafael López: Plant and Operations Manager at ADHEX TECH TAPES SL and managing partner of UNIGALIA. Industrial Engineer, specializing in Industrial Organization with 18 years of experience in different sectors: Automotive, Graphic Arts, Food and Metal Mechanics.
  • Belén Pérez: CISO – Director of Cybersecurity. Passionate about technology, Safety and Security. She currently combines her tasks as CISO in the Nueva Pescanova Group, with those of Coordinator for Galicia of the CCI (Center for Industrial Cybersecurity) and member of the Governing Board of COITI-VIGO (Official College of Industrial Technical Engineers of Vigo).
  • Miguel Díaz Cacho: Telecommunications Engineer and PhD in Engineering from the University of Vigo, he has worked in several national and international companies. Since 2007 he is a full time professor in the Department of Systems Engineering and Automation at the University of Vigo.


In this pleasant table we had the opportunity to chat and discuss some issues such as:

  • The main challenges of the Galician industry in terms of cybersecurity in its digitalization process.
  • The state of maturity of the Galician industry and the potential of industrial cybersecurity, as well as where it is evolving to.
  • We were also able to know their opinion about the organization of companies and the positions associated with Industrial Cybersecurity, at the same time as the IT – OT divergence.
  • Finally, we discussed whether critical infrastructures, factories and other OT facilities are being protected as they should be.


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