Evaluation of InprOTech services


Customer orientation is our greatest obsession, and therefore, for the second consecutive year we wanted to carry out a project to find out what our customers think about their InprOTech experience. We have conducted an anonymous survey where our customers have been able to give their honest opinion about us and our service, evaluating different aspects that we will see below.

The results have been very satisfactory, exceeding the expectations raised at the beginning of the project, both in quality and quantity of responses.

First of all, we would like to highlight that our clients continue to identify us with our hallmark, cybersecurity and technology. They also highlight the quality of the service and support offered.

When we proposed our Strategic Plan 2020-2022, we set as a main point the improvement of the security of our customers, who have rated us with an average score of 7.66 out of 10.

Regarding other aspects such as the ability to solve problems, the fulfillment of expectations, the accessibility and technical capacity of the team, the quality/price ratio, as well as the range of parallel services, our customers have been able to rate their satisfaction with each of these aspects with a score of 1-5, (1 being very dissatisfied and 5 very satisfied), the results are shown below:

What our customers value most is the quality/price ratio of our comprehensive cybersecurity service InprOTech Guardian, as well as the capacity of our consultants.

Finally, our customers rated how likely they were to recommend us to a friend or colleague. This indicator is better known as the Net Promoter Score (NPS). The result obtained was 50 points, this figure is calculated by subtracting the percentage of promoters (scores 9 and 10) minus the percentage of detractors (scores 1-6).

This figure has exceeded our expectations and we can conclude that it has been a great figure, since the average NPS in the technology sector is around 40 points.

As a last point, celebrate that we have obtained the highest number of responses recorded to date, as well as the highest response rate with more than 35% of respondents.

In 2023, we will be measuring again to continue to be attentive to the needs and points of improvement, as well as new challenges that our customers pose to us.

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