Hacking Nivel Mega Summary

Empresas asistentes al hacking nivel mega

Last Friday, February 10th, we had the opportunity to attend and sponsor the Hacking Nivel Mega. An event that took place at the Estrella Galicia MEGA museum in A Coruña, where our Manager Ibán Morillo and our KAM Roi Fortes traveled to.

The afternoon started with a visit to the museum and the beer tasting experience. During the visit we were able to learn more about the history of Hijos de Rivera, how they were born and how they have grown over the years, as well as some curious anecdotes such as the fact that the museum was part of the old factory. One of the most interesting moments of the visit was the opportunity to learn a little about the process of creating beer, learning a little more about the different ingredients and treatment for the fermentation of beer. Ending this first visit with a view from above always accompanied by a beer.

In addition to the beer tasting, everything was accompanied by a pairing of cheeses of Galician origin that allowed us a first moment for networking, where we had the opportunity to talk with customers, partners and colleagues who made the event a great success with a full house with more than 70 attendees.

Afterwards, the presentations on cybersecurity began, first it was the turn of Juan González (Gradiant), where under the title “Cryptography (and also mathematics…) paired with beer, what can go wrong?” he approached us to the world of Capture The Flag “CTF” where we saw what this “game” of Hacking consists of, where we must solve a challenge.

Next, it was the turn of Joel Serna who under his presentation “RFID in access control and self-service systems” approached us to the world of hacking cards and other devices that allow access to different factories. All this in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

At the end we were presented with a box of 1906 home tasting experience and our sponsor sweatshirt. After that, we were able to enjoy a dinner with several of our colleagues.

Finally, we would like to thank all the sponsors La Cátedra R, the Professional Association of Computer Engineering of Galicia (CPEIG), the Armis platform, the Gradiant foundation, Cloud.gal, Forensic & Security and Qualinnova for this initiative and for counting on us. It has been a pleasure for us to be part of this event, where we have been able to enjoy and learn more about the Galician cybersecurity sector.


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