Application of DATA technologies to the wine-making chain.


At the intersection of tradition and technology, the wine industry is undergoing a revolutionary transformation. The application of data technologies in the wine-making chain is not just a trend, but a necessary evolution in the pursuit of excellence. From vineyard care to the supermarket shelf, the quality of wine can be monitored, predicted, and improved with advanced analytical tools. This article explores how, through the VitIA 5.0 Project, the integration of Big Data, artificial intelligence, and predictive analysis is redefining the wine industry.

Project VitIA 5.0 Objective

VitIA 5.0 (Application of DATA technologies to the wine-making chain to predict and manage its quality from the vineyard to the supermarket) is a strategic project designed to improve the competitiveness of the wine sector, applying Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques in the wine-making processes, from viticulture to oenology, and recommending action guidelines based on key variables, thereby accelerating the digital transformation process of the sector.

IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Cybersecurity

The project addresses the need to improve the productivity and sustainability of this sector through the technical application of AI to act on the different phases of the viticulture and oenology processes based on data and sensory analysis. Thus, in VitIA 5.0, the latest technologies available in data capture and sensorization (IoT), data processing using predictive and recommendation analytical models (AI), including layers of cybersecurity and traceability with Blockchain technology, will be applied.

The project consortium is coordinated by Clusaga, with the participation of partner entities Viña Costeira, Paco & Lola, Perfect Numbers, Nova Industria Galega, Seresco, Tastelab, Sonicat Systems, InprOTech, and Centro Tecnológico del Vino, and the collaboration of the associate Elige Plus Consultores. VitIA 5.0 receives funding from the 2023 call of the support program for Innovative Business Groups (AEI) from the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism and is coordinated by the Galician Food Cluster (Clusaga).

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